Implementing Ryan’s Law and PPM 161: Ensuring Asthma Friendly Schools 2023/24 e-Learning module

This e-Learning module is designed to support school staff in understanding and applying Ryan’s Law in their school to support the safety and well-being of students with asthma. It facilitates the implementation of PPM 161: Supporting Children and Students with Prevalent Medical Conditions (Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Diabetes, and/or Epilepsy) in Schools related to students with asthma.

By completing this e-Learning module participants will: 

  • Understand asthma including its triggers, symptoms, medications, exercise and asthma, and how to support students with asthma. 
  • Understand how to recognize and respond to asthma attacks (sometimes referred to as asthma episodes, asthma exacerbations, worsening asthma or asthma flare-ups) and the importance of asthma control. 
  • Understand Ryan’s Law, its origin, and its legal implications including PPM 161. 
  • Learn about goals and strategies for creating asthma friendly school communities.  
  • Learn about resources and implementation supports available to assist them in creating asthma friendly school communities. 
  • Engage in a variety of learning activities using text, video, and illustrations.

    Videos from Ophea's Creating Asthma Friendly Schools YouTube Playlist are used throughout the e-Learning module. Participants will engage in “pause and reflect” activities to make connections to their knowledge and experiences. 

If you’d like to obtain the e-Learning module to integrate within your Board’s learning management system, please contact