Always Changing and Growing Up: How might we support learning in the classroom and beyond?

Three resources for three different audiences to support learning in the classroom and beyond. 

As students grow, their bodies begin to change which can be confusing and generate a great amount of stress for them. That is why Procter and Gamble Inc. developed Always Changing & Growing Up. This program includes a comprehensive set of resources designed to be used in schools to support puberty and health education for students in grades 5 through 8. The resources help to answer students’ questions about physiological, emotional and social changes that occur during puberty.

Endorsed by Ophea and PHE Canada, Always Changing & Growing Up includes free downloadable supports for teaching adolescent growth and development, personal hygiene, and healthy, active living, which include: 

1. Leader Guides

2. Student Guides & Worksheets

3. Parent/Guardian Guides

The aim of Always Changing and Growing Up: Guide for Parents/Guardians is to strengthen students’ learning about puberty in school by extending these discussions to their homes. The guide provides parents and guardians with practical tips allowing them to continue the conversation with their children about the changes ahead.

As of 2022, the Student Guides, Parent/Guardian Guide and Worksheets have all been updated to include all-inclusive, gender-neutral language. Additionally, the separate male and female student guides have been combined into one all-inclusive Student Guide. 

Visit to download your free Always Changing and Growing Up resources.  

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