Child Care Centre Setting

This section provides recommendations and resources for creating asthma friendly child care centres. Creating supportive child care centres for children with asthma requires a team approach that focuses on the knowledge, skills, and commitment of everyone involved in the child care centre environment. Creating and maintaining an asthma friendly environment shows that your child care centre is responsive to not only the needs of children with asthma but also the health of all children attending the centre. 

Asthma Policy

Child care providers are required to develop/possess an asthma policy. The asthma policy must: 

  • ensure easy access to asthma medications at all times, including during field trips
  • detail a child care centre-wide process for handling/managing worsening asthma and asthma emergencies
  • include training for all child care centre staff and volunteers on the signs of asthma, how to give asthma medication, and how to recognize and handle worsening asthma and asthma emergencies
  • include strategies to reduce or manage potential asthma triggers
  • be reviewed annually and updated, as needed, to reflect current practices and updates on asthma information

Asthma Information Package

For each child with asthma and/or who uses asthma medicine, provide parent(s)/guardian(s) with an Asthma Information Package to complete and return to the child care centre. An Asthma Information Package typically includes:

  • Request and Consent for Administration of Medication Form: This form is completed by parent(s)/guardian(s) to provide consent for staff to assist the child with the administration of medication or permits the child to use medication. A health care provider’s signature may also be required.
  • Child Asthma Management Plan: This form details how to support the child with asthma and includes triggers, medications needed, and directions for their use. Specifically, it contains the child’s photograph, information about the child’s asthma, triggers, symptoms, asthma medication, emergency contact numbers, asthma symptom management and emergency protocol, and the signature of parent(s)/guardian(s) (indicating that this information can be shared with child care staff). This form should be easily accessible in the appropriate classroom(s). Refer to sample Child Asthma Management Plan.
  • Parents/Guardians of Children with Asthma Responsibility Checklist: Parent(s)/guardian(s) are asked to review and complete this checklist to confirm their understanding of their roles and responsibilities related to the management of their child’s asthma at the child care centre.