Internet Safety Resources

The Internet Safety Resources are free online resources that provide opportunities for parents/guardians/caregivers to reinforce and deepen the concepts of Internet safety.

Technology has become a part of our children's daily lives. Technology has many benefits. Our children are using technology more frequently to learn in a virtual setting, to gather information about their questions or interests, engage in social media, interact with friends, and stay connected to family. Teaching our children to be good digital citizens means helping them learn the skills to use technology in a safe and responsible manner, engage with others respectfully in a virtual environment, and keep themselves safe when online.

The purpose of these Internet Safety Resources is to foster a shared responsibility between schools and caregivers, and to educate children about how to stay safe, be responsible and communicate respectfully when online. Knowing what your child is learning about Internet etiquette and safety enhances your ability to have open discussions to support their learning and to encourage them to apply their learning in all online situations.

The Internet Safety Resources include a video and an accompanying discussion guide for children in grade 4, grade 5, grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8.