Help Youth Stretch it Out: 3 Fun Yoga Activities


Looking for new ways to get children and youth physically and mentally active? Try our Yoga Alphabet Cards! These cards introduce children and youth to the art of yoga while strengthening their physical literacy and language skills.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy using the cards. Here are three activity ideas to get you started:

Activity 1 – Yoga Boggle

Played in groups of 3 or 4.

Participants randomly select 8 alphabet yoga cards from the deck and stretch out words they can make with the 8 letters. This can be played in 5 minute rounds (as many rounds as desired), where students pull 8 new letters from the deck every 5 minutes.

Activity 2 – Stretchonary

Played in pairs.

First participant draws a word out of a hat (3 or 4 letter nouns may work best, i.e. DOG), then uses the Yoga Alphabet Cards to determine what stretch goes with each letter in the noun. Without showing the other participant they stretch out the word (letter by letter). Objective of the game is for the second participant to guess the word. Once word is guessed participants switch roles.

Activity 3 - Mirror Mirror

Full class setting.

Shuffle the Yoga Alphabet Cards. The teacher or group leader randomly selects a letter from the yoga card deck. The class then mirrors the same stretch. The deck is then passed on to the next person to draw a yoga card. Class then mirrors this stretch and onward until everyone has had a turn to pull a card for the class to mirror.

Yoga reduces stress, increases flexibility, improves posture, and strengthens muscles. Our Yoga Alphabet cards are a fun and simple way to incorporate yoga into daily physical activity and gain from all these great health benefits.

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