Ophea’s Gender-Based Violence Prevention Education 2023/24 e-Learning module

Ophea’s Gender-Based Violence Prevention e-Learning module was developed to increase educator awareness and understanding of gender-based violence, and the importance of teaching gender-based violence prevention in schools. This module, combined with Ophea’s Gender-Based Violence Prevention Education Resources, serves to support elementary and secondary educators by increasing their confidence and competence to engage students in conversations that:   

  • deepen their understanding of consent and behaviours that constitute gender-based violence;   
  • increase their ability to identify gender-based violence; and,   
  • highlight the importance of bystander intervention in safe and effective ways to address and prevent gender-based violence in their school and community. 

Throughout this e-Learning module participants will engage in a variety of learning tasks. Participants will also engage in Pause and Reflect activities during which they will consider what is being asked and make connections to their own knowledge and experiences.   

If you’d like to obtain the e-Learning module to integrate within your Board’s learning management system, please contact professionallearning@ophea.org.