Related Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy Resources

This section is designed to support educators in providing students, parents/caregivers, and school administrators with high-quality, evidence-based information, and resources to supplement the resources within this resource.
The additional resources may be used with students, parents/caregivers, and school administrators in a variety of settings to help them deepen their understanding and knowledge of Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy (CRRP), how it contributes to building a positive environment for teaching and learning, how it improves student responsibility and success, encourages parent/caregiver school relationships, and builds strong community connections.  
Educators may find the resources and tools helpful in fostering cross-curricular connections beyond health and physical education (H&PE) to the everyday lives of their students, making learning experiences more personally meaningful, engaging, and effective. The resources may also provide an entry point to build students’ awareness of social justice issues encountered in their daily lives and communities. In addition, the variety of teaching and learning strategies included in this guide creates opportunities to deliver this content in ways that take into account students’ needs, interests, experiences, and choices.  
Ophea has curated this diverse list of supporting resources and tools related to the topic of CRRP. However, it is important for educators, administrators, and parents/caregivers to consider the needs of their students and children before implementing within classrooms and school communities.