Ask a Dietitian: Navigating the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping requires making many decisions as you move through the aisles and navigate dozens of options for similar foods. Join us for an hour-long Q&A session with a dietitian to discuss navigating the grocery store for your health and well-being.

The session will focus on answering your questions about grocery shopping including:

  • How to plan your meals and snacks before you shop
  • Key tips for best buys in different aisles of the grocery store (in-store and online)
  • How to navigate food marketing, health claims, ingredients and nutrition labeling
  • Where food comes from - we’ll explore the supply chain and how it impacts your shopping experience
  • Practical ideas for how to save time and money when grocery shopping

Questions can be submitted with registration. What do you wonder about when you’re grocery shopping? We’ll answer your general nutrition and food questions (i.e. What is the difference between white and brown eggs? Which yogurt should I choose? Are frozen vegetables as nutritious as fresh?). Note: we can’t answer personal medical questions.


Andrea Haefele is a Health & Physical Education teacher in the York Region District School Board. She is also an Ophea Ambassador and an Ontario Association for the Support of Physical and Health Educators (OASPHE) member. Andrea has been part of many regional and provincial initiatives that support the Health & Physical Education curriculum, Healthy Schools, and also Daily Physical Activity. She is a strong advocate for quality H&PE programming for all students of all abilities. Andrea uses “she, her, hers” pronouns, and asks others to use these pronouns in reference to her. Andrea will be the moderator for this session.

Cara Rosenbloom RD is a Toronto-based dietitian with 20 years of experience. She began her career as a dietitian at The Hospital for Sick Children, and started her own nutrition communications company, Words to Eat By, in 2007. She’s a professional public speaker; nutrition writer with the Washington Post; and co-author of Food to Grow On: The Ultimate Guide to Childhood Nutrition--From Pregnancy to Packed Lunches (Random House 2021), She’s also raising her own healthy eaters with her husband, Scott; her daughter is 13 and her son is 9.  

Note: The original webinar date was January 26, 2021.

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