Cannabis Education Resources

Cannabis Education Resources has been developed to provide educators and administrators access to evidence-informed information on substance use (specifically cannabis) to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions to support their health and well-being.

The Cannabis Education Resources include:

  • the Resource Database: a compilation of evidence-based resources that provides educators and administrators the tools to assist students in developing their knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and reduce harms associated with cannabis use;
  • Clearing the Air about Cannabis: a Q&A Column: has been created to continue the conversation and provide a space to ask questions on topics related to cannabis that concern you, your classroom, and your school community; and,
  • the Elementary Educator Discussion Guide and the Secondary Educator Discussion Guide: which aim to promote an open dialogue within the school community about recreational and medical cannabis, to address questions and concerns, and to foster a whole-school approach and shared responsibility when dealing with situations involving cannabis.
  • Cannabis Education Activity Plans: have been designed for grades 5-12 to provide students with inquiry-based activities to address the topic of cannabis. The activities link to evidence-based information and connect to the substance use, addictions and related behaviours curriculum expectations within the H&PE curriculum.

Ophea's Cannabis Education Resources are funded by Health Canada.