Vaping Education Resources

Vaping Education Resources have been developed to provide educators with capacity building tools and conversation starter prompts to support students in developing the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions to support their health and well-being.

The Vaping Educations Resources include:

  • Instructional Moments videos and Educator Guide: The Instructional Moments videos feature educators who share their responses to questions about vaping in order to deepen the understanding of how to address the topic, including the integration of the Social-Emotional Learning Skills. The Educator Guide may be used in conjunction with the videos to build confidence and competence to facilitate conversations about vaping with students.
  • Conversation Starter videos: The Conversation Starter Videos are designed to initiate conversations about vaping with elementary students at different stages of their development. Engaging students in conversations about vaping helps them develop their health knowledge and the social-emotional Learning skills needed to respond to situations involving vaping.
  • Additional resources to further support educators with the implementation of vaping education.