Primary/Junior Activities

PlaySport activities are organized into four categories: Target Games, Net/Wall Games, Striking/Fielding Games, and Zone Games.  

Target Games: Participants learn about and practise aim and accuracy as they send an object toward targets different distances away (archery, boccia, bowling, croquet, curling, disc golf, golf, horseshoes, shuffleboard, Snow Snake).

Net/Wall Games: Participants learn about and practise working together with another group to sustain a rally by sending and receiving an object over a net or against a wall (badminton, racquet ball, Sepak Takraw, sitting volleyball, squash, tennis, volleyball, wheelchair tennis).

Striking/Fielding Games: Participants learn about and practise sending an object to score a run. Participants also learn about and practise fielding an object to prevent their opponent from scoring runs (baseball, cricket, rounders, softball). 

Zone Games: Participants learn about and practise working as a group to control various zones within a playing area and send and receive an object, while preventing an opponent from intercepting a pass (basketball, football, goalball, handball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, ultimate disc, wheelchair basketball).

Beyond these four categories of games, providing participants with opportunities to engage in physical activities categorized as individual pursuits provides additional opportunities for fun, the development of fitness and movement skills and meaningful and relevant learning experiences. Learn more about Individual Pursuits and access additional Ophea resources to engage participants in diverse individual activities.

Select a game category to access an array of activities designed to provide participants with opportunities to understand and apply key movement skills, concepts, and strategies, which will increase their engagement and success while playing games/sports within that category.