Discussion Guides

These discussion guides aim to promote an open dialogue within the school community to foster a whole-school approach and shared responsibility when addressing questions and concerns about vaccinations. 

The Vaccination Talks Toolkit Elementary and Secondary guides are meant to be used as a companion to the activities and lesson plans that support educators in facilitating curriculum-connected, inquiry-based, and evidence-informed learning opportunities for their students in the classroom. The guides may be used to support educators to have informed conversations with students, colleagues, and parents/guardians/caregivers about vaccines and vaccination.  

The guides include practical tips to consider before leading a vaccination-related conversation with a group as well as questions and prompts for discussions among teachers, teachers and students as well as teachers and parents, guardians and caregivers. 

During conversations, it may become apparent that more information is required about vaccines and vaccinations to inform educators and parents/guardians/caregivers to support students in participating in informed and healthy choices for their personal life-long health and well-being.  

Additional resources are available in the Resource Database section of the website.