Resource Database

The Vaccination Talks Toolkit Resource Database is designed to support educators in providing students, parents/caregivers and school administrators with high-quality, evidence-based information and resources to supplement the resources within the toolkit. 

The resources within the Resource Database may be used with students, parents/caregivers and school administrators in a variety of settings to help them deepen their understanding and knowledge of vaccines, factors that affect decision-making related to vaccines, and the skills to participate in informed decision-making about vaccines.

Resources within the database have been carefully curated and selected to make reference to vaccination and COVID 19 as a media/news story that remains relevant to students lived experience with the plethora of information that was available during and post pandemic as well as their own questions related to decisions made for or by them related to vaccinations. Educators may find the resources and tools helpful in fostering cross-curricular connections beyond Health and Physical Education to develop students’ media literacy skills based on perceived needs related to vaccinations and COVID-19. The resources provide an entry point using students’ prior knowledge and experiences related to vaccinations as a springboard to teaching media literacy, an essential component to developing health literacy skills. Thus, this learning can be applied to any current health topic circulating in the news/media. In addition, the diversity of suggested teaching and learning strategies and student-centered activities contained in the resources, create opportunities for delivering this content with consideration of students’ needs, interests and choices.  

Ophea has curated this diverse list of supporting resources and tools related to the topics of vaccination, healthy decision-making, and COVID-19; however, it is important for educators, administrators, and parents/caregivers to consider the needs of their students and children before implementing within classrooms and school communities. For further information on the resources within the Resource Database, please direct questions to the host organizations identified for each resource. 

Resources within the Resource Database may be considered as compliments to other Ophea Elementary and Secondary resources such as Inquiry based learning in HPE, Approaches to teaching Healthy Living (Secondary) and the Vaccination Talks Toolkit activities.