General Vaccination Information and Resources

SickKids: AboutKidsHealth 

Author: SickKids  

Grade/Audience: Teachers, Administrators, Parents/Caregivers  

Topic: Vaccine information for children and youth; General information; FAQs  

Type: Resource Hub  

Resource Description: This is a health education website that provides information on various topics for children, youth and caregivers, including information about vaccines. Using the search engine and entering the word, “vaccines” or “vaccination” provides the user with access to information about vaccines and vaccinations for various audiences - children, youth, and adults. 

CARD System Learning Hub 

Author: University of Toronto   

Grade/Audience: Teachers, Administrators 

Topic: Vaccines at school; Resources for managing vaccines  

Type: Cards and downloadable handouts, Checklists, Videos, Activities 

Resource Description: CARD™ (C - Comfort, A - Ask, R - Relax, D - Distract) is an evidence-based framework that teaches how to prepare for vaccination. The CARD system provides strategies that can be used to help students cope before and during vaccination and needle procedures. The system consists of resources such as videos, handouts and activities that will help to prepare for a vaccination or needle procedure. It may be used by educators to support students during vaccination day clinics at school. 

How do vaccines work?

Author: World Health Organization (WHO) 

Grade/Audience: Grades 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11 & 12, Teachers, Administrators, Parents/Caregivers 

Topic: How vaccines work; The immune system; How vaccines help; Herd immunity  

Type: Article  

Resource Description: This article is part of a series on vaccine development and distribution. It contains information on how vaccines work, how they are made to ensure safety and equitable access, how they support the body’s natural responses, herd immunity, and a short video about Polio and vaccines. This global authoritative source may also be used by students to investigate questions about pathogens, the body's response and the role of vaccines. 


Author: Canadian Paediatric Society: Caring For Kids  

Grade/Audience: Teachers, Administrators, Parents/Caregivers  

Topic: Vaccines for children and youth; Vaccine information for parents/caregivers; Vaccine safety; Common concerns; Myths and facts  

Type: Resource Hub   

Resource Description: This resource provides information about different types of vaccines available to children and youth, including concerns, myths and facts and evaluating immunization information on the internet. This resource provides educators with access to evidence-informed information about various diseases and vaccines. 

Infectious Diseases  

Author: Public Health Ontario 

Grade/Audience: Teachers, Administrators 

Topic: Infectious diseases; Vaccine-preventable diseases 

Type: Resource Hub 

Resource Description: This resource provides educators with evidence-informed information about Blood Borne Infections, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Respiratory diseases and immunizations for vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections (STBBI) Prevention Guide  

Author: Government of Canada 

Grade/Audience: Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12, Teachers 

Topic: Primary and secondary STBBI prevention; Risk factors; Vaccination 

Type: Website/Guide 

Resource Description: This website includes information about sexual health and guides for various Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections, including best practices for prevention and management. The guides provide educators with evidence-informed information to support students in understanding the impact of Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections (STBBIs) on an individual’s sexual health and the use of vaccinations as one option to care for their sexual health. 

Vaccine Facts 

Author: Ontario Medical Association (OMA) 

Grade/Audience:  Teachers, Administrators, Parent/Caregivers 

Topic: Vaccine facts; The immune system; Safety; Allergies  

Type: Website  

Resource Description:  This site contains facts and expert information about common viruses and vaccines. This resource provides educators with access to evidence-informed information about various viruses and facts about vaccines.