Modeling Inquiry-Based Learning for Informed Decision Making

The purpose of these posters is to support teachers in modeling inquiry-based learning to assist students in developing their decision-making skills to make informed decisions about their personal health. One poster contains sample generic questions from each component of an inquiry process to help guide students' understanding of the process. This may be used to facilitate inquiry with various health topics (e.g., sexual health, personal safety and injury prevention). The other poster contains sample questions specific to transmission of germs/viruses and making personal choices as well as health behaviours to avoid transmitting or contracting germs/viruses.

Use these posters and the student recording tool when learning about healthy living concepts to help students develop inquiry-based learning skills. Using these resources helps teachers facilitate a step-by-step inquiry process. Students first identify the question they would like to explore. Students then determine strategies for gathering information, independent of web-based resources, through conversations with others, family and leaders in their community. Students then interpret, analyze and synthesize the information gathered from available sources to make personal decisions for their health. Students then decide with whom they will communicate their decision, what they will share and how they will share it while respecting diverse perspectives or points of view. This model may also be used to facilitate a small or large group inquiry process in which students work collaboratively to create/formulate their inquiry question(s) and gather, interpret and analyze information as part of the inquiry-based learning process. Students then use the examined information to make and communicate their personal decisions.   

Teachers may use this model as a companion to existing vaccine literacy resources by leveraging the inquiry questions currently in the Vaccination Talks Toolkit Lesson Plans (e.g., Intermediate: Factors Influencing Vaccination Decisions – “Action” section; Making Informed Decisions About Vaccinations: “Action” Section) and Ophea’s Vaccination Talks Toolkit Discussion Guides (elementary and secondary), or have students generate their own questions for the process. To facilitate the inquiry-based learning process, help students access available resources in their community or print resources ahead of time from Ophea’s Vaccination Talks Toolkit Resource Database for student use in the classroom (see “Student-Facing Resources” section).  

Teachers may also use this model to facilitate an inquiry approach with other health topics (e.g., health equity, sexual health, personal safety) to support students in transferring their decision-making skills to new situations or ones that involve diverse perspectives and decisions. Consider accessing Ophea’s Inquiry Based Learning in Health and Physical Education resource for strategies and additional tools/templates to facilitate inquiry-based learning with students at the elementary and secondary levels.

Posters and Student Recording Tool