Physical Activities

Resource: BrainBlitz

Activity cards that can be used for an active break during learning, as an opportunity to improve attention, or to insert fun into daily learning for all ages/grades and abilities. 


Dance and Rhythm

Movement and Physical Activity

Resource: One a Day for Active Play

One A Day For Active Play has been developed to equip activity leaders with creative games and activities that are fun for participants of all ages/grades and abilities. Consider using this resource for active breaks throughout the day or to support daily physical activity. 





Resource: PlaySport

PlaySport is a resource that supports the delivery of game-based activities in a variety of settings. The activities are fun and engaging and help to build physical literacy skills. To learn more about physical literacy, view the video HANDS UP - Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy on Ophea’s YouTube page. 

These activities are written as group activities, but could easily be adapted for individuals or pairs, and are applicable to all ages/grades.