Strand D, Healthy Living

Learning Goal

We are learning how to make healthy eating choices and decisions, while practicing it in our daily life.

Success Criteria

  • I can describe the nutritional elements and facts that affect my food choices.
  • I can make informed nutritional decisions and demonstrate actions that will positively contribute to my health.
  • I can make connections with my knowledge of nutrition enabling me to demonstrate behaviours allowing me to live a healthy active life.

Ophea Lesson Plans & Specific Expectations


  • Grade 1: A1.5, A1.6, D1.1, D2.1, D2.2
  • Grade 2: A1.6, D1.1, D2.1, D2.2
  • Grade 3: A1.6, D1.1, D1.3, D2.3, D3.1


  • Grade 4: A1.5, A1.6, D1.1, D2.1, D3.1
  • Grade 5: A1.6, D1.2, D2.1, D2.3, D3.1, D3.3
  • Grade 6: A1.6, D2.1, D2.2, D2.4


Educator Considerations

  • Review your local public health and school board policies regarding the safety and physical distancing measures put in place for learning at home, in-person, and/or a combination of both.
  • Consider referencing Ophea’s Ideas for Action guides with links to healthy eating and mental health.
  • Tools and Templates