You can adapt various components of the Ideas for Action activities to a variety of settings in order to engage students in cannabis education and provide opportunities for them to become leaders and advocates for healthy living in their school and community. These settings include learning at school (face-to-face learning), learning at home (online learning), or a combination of face-to-face and online learning (blended learning). Adapting these activities for use in various settings supports educators and student leaders in continuing to foster critical thinking, student leadership, and advocacy. Through online teacher-facilitated discussions and small-group collaboration, synchronous or asynchronous learning (refer to “Key Terms”), using school board-supported technology, students continue to consider essential questions such as “How do I share this information with others?”, “How can I engage others in conversation about cannabis to help them be more informed and make safer choices?”, and “How do I promote healthy, safer decision making and choices with my peers, in my school, and in my community?” For suggestions for adapting components of these activities to an online and/or blended learning setting, consult the end of the “How do we do it” section for each activity, “Ideas for Use in a Variety of Settings.” 

Connected to School

Empower the whole school to make healthy decisions about their health and wellbeing by spreading knowledge about cannabis through school-wide, fun activities.

Connected to Community

Become an advocate for student health and wellbeing in your community by spreading knowledge about cannabis use so that people can make more informed decisions.

Connected to Self

It is important to have an understanding of the topics around cannabis use. These activities are meant to help support students in their own health and learning and for use in the classroom.