Connected to the Community Activities

Eating Healthy in Different Environments

Chefs or restaurant owners from the community come to the school and share their favourite personal recipes and nutrition information with students. They also share ways to make decisions regarding more and less healthy options.

Community Food Mapping

Create a bulletin board that includes a local map. Identify locations where food is available within your community and where supports for healthy eating can be found.

Grown Local

Students gain an understanding of Ontario-grown vegetables and fruit, as well as the benefits of eating locally grown food in terms of the economy, the environment, and freshness.

Collect Your Colours Lunch Hour Challenge

Students work in small groups to brainstorm lists of vegetables and fruit and how these can be integrated into their meals or snacks.

Grocery Store Field Trip

Students tour a local grocery store to learn about the wide variety of vegetables and fruit available to consumers, the different forms they can take, and where to find them in the supermarket.