Support In Your Community

Breakfast for Learning

Breakfast for Learning educates and empowers communities to deliver school based nutrition programs, helping children and youth realize their full potential in life. There are great resources on how to start a nutrition program, along with resources on nutrition education.

Community Health Centres

CHCs work with individuals, families and communities to strengthen their capacity to take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing. They provide education and advice on helping families access the resources they need from other community agencies. Many have nutrition programs and dietitians on staff that could support activities.

Diabetes Canada

Diabetes Canada leads the fight against diabetes by helping those affected by diabetes live healthy lives, preventing the onset and consequences of diabetes, and discovering a cure. Here you can find programs and support services helping people live healthier lives by providing both practical and meaningful information.

Dietitians of Canada

Dietitians of Canada works to advance health through food and nutrition. Resources include the food consumption monitoring tool EaTracker that can be used to check food and activity choices,analyze recipes, and plan meals, as well as Cookspiration where you can find dietitian-approved recipes.

EatRight Ontario

EatRight Ontario connects residents of Ontario to the trusted advice of a Registered Dietitian to help you make healthier food choices and answer your nutrition questions. Resources related to school health and food portions can be accessed.


FoodShare works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education. They believe everyone deserves access to affordable high-quality fresh food. Check out their programs and open-source, shareable resources that can help you in your efforts.

Foundations for a Healthy School

The Foundations for a Healthy School is designed to help contribute to a learning environment that promotes and supports child and student well-being – one of the four core goals in Ontario’s renewed vision for education.

Fresh from the Farm

Fresh from the Farm provides schools the opportunity to raise funds by selling fresh, Ontario grown fruit and vegetables to the community, while supporting healthy eating and Ontario’s farmers. Check out their tools and resources on nutrition and healthy eating in the classroom and school.

Government of Canada

Check out the Government of Canada website for information on healthy eating, food labelling, allergies and intolerances and more.

Imagine a Garden in Every School

This campaign encourages a garden in every school in order to create opportunities for children and youth to learn about ecosystems, experience healthy active living, practice life skills and discover the benefits of fresh food. Visit their resources page for tips, tools, and activities on healthy living.

Ministry of Education, School Food and Beverage Policy

Ontario has introduced its School Food and Beverage Policy that includes nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools. It is part of a broader effort to develop healthier learning environments and improve student achievement. Here you can find resource guides and tools to support your understanding of this policy and its impact.

Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Student Nutrition Program

Ontario’s Student Nutrition Program offers children and youth nutritious food through breakfast, lunch, and snack programs. Check out the program guidelines to learn more about how this program can support learning and healthy development.

Public Health

Public Health Units have staff who are qualified to deliver training on healthy eating and who have experience with healthy schools. Your local public health unit can be a great source of support to students for this project.

Sustain Ontario

Sustain Ontario provides coordinated support for productive, equitable and sustainable food and farming systems that support the health and wellbeing of all people in Ontario, through collaborative action. Here you can find the Ontario Edible Education Network, dedicated to getting children and youth eating, growing, cooking, celebrating, and learning about healthy, local and sustainably produced food.