Connected to Self Activities

Creative Ways to Say No

This role-playing activity helps participants explore refusal skills that they would feel comfortable using with their peers to respond in situations involving cannabis.

4 Corners Baseball

Participants work in pairs to learn truths and myths about cannabis. Partners attempt to move around all four corners of a room (the bases) and complete fitness activities to get to home base (where they started) and score one point.

Artistically Speaking...

Use your creative talents to paint, draw, or create a mosaic using pictures and words to convey your thoughts, feelings, and messages about substance use.

Target Your Influences

This activity has participants consider the people and factors that influence group decision making, such personal values, peer pressure, and the desire to belong.

Smoke, Eat, Vape, Drink: What’s the Difference?

Students examine the different methods of consuming cannabis with the goal of understanding the effects on their body and brain.