Support In Your Community

Community Health Centres (CHC)

Community Health Centres have staff who are qualified to deliver training on healthy relationships and sexual health, and who have experience in areas such as mental health.

Egale Canada Human Rights Trust

Egale works to improve the lives of LGBTQI2S people in Canada and to enhance the global response to LGBTQI2S issues. Egale will achieve this by informing public policy, inspiring cultural change, and promoting human rights and inclusion through research, education and community engagement. Egale offers workshops, programs, campaigns, and resources for schools.

Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone is a free and anonymous service that supports young people as they build the skills and abilities they’ll need to improve their emotional health and well-being. Young people can contact the service about a wide range of issues including struggles with relationships, moving to a new school, cyberbullying, abuse, and mental health. 1-800-668-6868

Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC)

The Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC) is a network of Sexual Assault Centres across Ontario.

Sexual Assault Centres in Ontario offer confidential and free counselling to survivors of recent and historical sexual assault. You can contact a centre to ask about individual or group counselling for survivors of sexual violence. You can also reach a counsellor by phone at any time by calling a Sexual Assault Centre crisis line. These confidential, 24-hour phone lines offer someone immediate to talk to, crisis counselling, support, and information for support allies (e.g., parents, partners, or friends of survivors), safety planning, information on victim police reporting and medical options, and strategies for coping with flashbacks, memories, and feelings. All centre services are free and confidential. They include:

  • face-to-face counselling;
  • a 24-hour crisis line;
  • group counselling;
  • hospital, police reporting, and court accompaniment;
  • participation in community workgroups and on committees, and partnerships with diverse community groups;
  • information on the legal system and other community resources;
  • information and support for partners, families, and friends of survivors;
  • social activism; and
  • public education on sexual assault, harassment, healthy relationships, and more.

Public Health Units

Public health units have staff who are qualified to deliver training on healthy relationships and sexual health, and who have experience in areas such as mental health. Your local public health unit can be a great source of support to students for this project.

White Ribbon

White Ribbon is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, and to promote gender equity, healthy relationships, and a new vision of masculinity. White Ribbon’s vision is for a new vision of masculinity that embodies the best qualities of being human. White Ribbon believes that men and boys are part of the solution to preventing violence against women and girls, and part of a future that is safe and equitable for all people.

Through education, awareness raising, outreach, technical assistance, capacity building, partnerships, and creative campaigns, White Ribbon is helping create tools, strategies, and models that challenge negative, outdated concepts of manhood, promote gender equality and healthy relationships, and inspire men to understand and embrace the incredible potential they have to be a part of positive change.