Tips for Leading Activities

Here are a few things to consider in order to ensure that all students feel safe and included as they learn, explore, and participate in the selected activities.

Creating a safe and inclusive environment

Learning names and interests is a great way to help students make friends. Nurturing healthy relationships is key to participants’ success and level of comfort and helps them to feel included and supported. Remember, these activities are intended for any and all students and may need to be modified to fit the many needs of the group. Encourage participants by using positive and helpful language, such as “Look how much fun you are having” or “I love that you are working so hard and trying something new.” 

Group management

As a leader, it is your responsibility to create safe, fair, and equal groups. Where needed, make sure to separate the participants into groups yourself to avoid having participants select their own groups. 


We want to make sure that no participant is left out or excluded. Pick the activities that are appropriate for your group size and that you are comfortable delivering. The more participants get involved, the more fun they have and the more they learn. Avoid long line-ups, and make sure that there is enough equipment or materials for everyone.

Always remember to keep it fun and positive!