Connected to School Activities

Cannabis Jeopardy

Use lunch times to run a game of Jeopardy for participants to test their knowledge about cannabis. 

Weed Talk

Participants attend a lunchtime Weed Talk (involving a recorded talk found online) to learn more about cannabis and have their questions answered. 

"Give the Gift of a GIF"

Create a short and effective message by combining a GIF with a brief message promoting a smoke free lifestyle, such as “Be stronger than your excuse,” “The greatest health is wealth,” or “Just say ‘nope’ to dope.”

Relax and Reflect

Host a Spa Wellness hour during lunch or right after school.


Use social media to spread the word about the effects of cannabis (e.g., impacts, influences, local issues, community supports, and resources).

Music Mondays

Who doesn’t love music? Have you ever noticed how music impacts your emotions? It can boost your mood, help you concentrate, manage your stress in a healthy way, and help improve your overall wellness.

Cannabis Trivia Challenge

Use your school announcements to challenge each class to a Cannabis Trivia Challenge to raise awareness and understanding about cannabis-related topics.

Weed All About It!

Work collaboratively to create a visual message board in a common area of the school to have your voice heard.

Mindful Moments

Host this activity during lunch or right after school to promote the use of mindfulness activities as an alternative (to substance use) coping mechanism for stress.

Family Feud

Ask for participants to join in a fun game of Family Feud where all of the survey questions are related to cannabis.