Geocaching: Where’s the Dope?

Ideas for Action

What Is it All About?

This modern-day treasure hunt is a fast and friendly way to get participants active and searching for a cache of hidden information about cannabis. This can occur either inside or outside of the school.

Why Do It?

This challenging activity engages participants in using their navigation and team skills to decode clues and learn the facts about cannabis.

How Do We Do It?

Work with your team to create your cannabis facts and place them in your geocaching containers.

Decide on boundary areas for your geocaching activity. This could be in your local community or on your school property.

Plan your geocaching hiding spots within your designated boundary area. Remember to avoid all private property – do not place your geocache on private property or require anyone to have to cross private property.

Create your GeoTour, which is your collection of geocaches. This consists of a map of your boundary area with the location of all of your geocaches marked on it. Each geocache usually has a name and a brief description. For example, “The Gate: No need to climb; just look down.” You can make some geocaches easy to find and some more difficult.

Keep safety and accessibility in mind! For example, ensure that there is no need to climb objects (e.g., fences, trees, or posts).

Invite participants to join the hunt. Provide them with the rules, timelines, GeoTour map, and instructions on what they have to do to prove they found the geocache; for example, they might take a picture of the fact or record it on paper.

Consider awarding prizes or acknowledging successful participants over the school’s social media.

Ideas for Use in a Variety of Settings

Use a shared document with your team members to create your cannabis facts, determine your geocaching boundary areas and hiding spots, and organize the containers you will use to house the cannabis facts.

Use available technology to create your GeoTour.

Determine which team member(s) will be responsible for hiding your geocaches and periodically checking on the geocaches.

Use your school media platforms to promote the event and provide participants with the necessary details, such as rules, timelines, maps, and proof of success.

Consider having participants post pictures of their GeoTour adventure on social media, being sure to tag your school media accounts.

What Else Do We Need?

  • Facts about cannabis
  • Waterproof or water-resistant containers to hold and hide the geocaches (plastic eggs may work)
  • GeoTour (map) with locations and descriptions of geocaches
  • $10 if geocache containers are bought

How Do We Get Creative?

Have families participate as teams.

Create a friendly family competition to see who finds the geocaches first!

Add some of the geocache sites to a Canada-wide geocache site. Make sure to check the minimum requirements first.

Have participants work together to create a second GeoTour.