Artistically Speaking...

Ideas for Action
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What Is it All About?

Use your creative talents to paint, draw, or create a mosaic using pictures and words to convey your thoughts, feelings, and messages about substance use.

Why Do It?

Art is a great form of expression and another way to make your voice heard. You don’t need an art background to do artistic projects – you only need a willingness to try expressing yourself through art. It is a great way to connect with others and a great outlet for your emotions.

How Do We Do It?

Invite participants to an Artistically Speaking… session, which may be hosted during the lunch hour, a break or recess, or after school. This may be a single session or spread out over a few days to allow participants to complete their art piece.

Distribute art supplies to everyone who is participating.

Have participants paint, draw, or create a mosaic of words, images, or designs to convey their thoughts, feelings, and/or messages about cannabis use.

Once completed, display the art in the learning space.

Work with your adult ally to get permission to display the art in public spaces in your school. Make sure to also gain the artists’ permission first.

Ideas for Use in a Variety of Settings

Using available technology, work with your team members to create an Artistically Speaking… session or series of sessions. Invite participants to an initial virtual meeting to learn about the activity and generate ideas about “found items” they can use in their home and community to create their art. Invite participants to a second virtual meeting in which they share their art and their intended message.

Use your school media platforms to promote the event and showcase the art.

Using available technology, create a virtual Gallery Walk by having participants send video clips showing and describing their art and then compile the clips to create the Walk.

What Else Do We Need?

  • Paint/pencils
  • Paper/canvases
  • Other art supplies
  • A space to hold the session

How Do We Get Creative?

Host an art display for the school or community as part of a larger school event.

Make the project an art contest to encourage participants and select the “Artistically Speaking…” first-, second-, and third-place winners and honourable mentions.

Participants could create comics or digital art as an alternative.